The Campaign for Better Hearing is a Global initiative that has 3 aims. To raise awareness of
the importance of looking after your hearing, to highlight the impact that hearing loss can have
on your health and to encourage everyone over the age of 55 to have a hearing test.

Hidden Hearing is supporting this campaign, through the Give Back Programme to change
lives by providing free hearing aids to people in the UK who otherwise wouldn’t be able to
afford them.

The initiative is part of Hidden Hearing’s commitment to help everyone hear their best and live
a happy, healthy life.

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Why hearing is so important?

Hearing loss is more common than you think.

Latest research shows that 1 in 6 adults are affected by hearing loss, with 4 in 10 people over the age of 50, rising to 71% of those aged over 70*.

Improved mental health, greater independence and better relationships are just a few of the benefits of staying on top of your hearing health.

The Give Back Programme

Grandchildren playing, chatter with friends,
special holidays: being able to hear those magic
moments in life is so important for us all.

Hidden Hearing is providing free hearing tests
and the opportunity, for those that may not be
able to afford the latest digital hearing aids to
have the chance of receiving them at no cost.

Thanks to Hidden Hearing's Give Back
Programme, many more people will experience
the life changing benefits of better hearing.

Here are our Ambassadors, who's lives
the campaign has changed

Darren Young

“I feel much more confident”

Gillian Evans

“Just an unbelievable feeling”

Ellen McKay

“I’m no longer self-conscious”

David Markee

“My life's been switched back on”

Keith Carvey

“Everything is so clear and sharp”

Esther Killington

“To join in again is wonderful”

What are we doing?

Relay Runner
Relay Runner

A National Roadshow kicks
off later this year visiting over 60
towns across the UK, encouraging people
to join the campaign and to get friends and
family on board.

Hidden Hearing Staff will be taking part in
a charity branch-to-branch relay - travelling
by bike, foot or even a space hopper, to
raise awareness and vital funds for
dementia research.

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Joining the
campaign is easy

  • 1 Make an appointment for a hearing test by
    completing the form opposite.
  • 2 Nominate your friends and family to get their
    hearing tested too.

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Over 290 hearing healthcare centres
across the UK are supporting the cause.

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