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The Campaign is encouraging everyone in the UK to recognise the importance of hearing and to take a test.

Campaign For Better Hearing

Chances are you’ve never had a hearing test. Or your last hearing test might have been a while ago. Catching hearing loss early could have a profound impact on your quality of life.

Hearing loss can creep up on you without you really knowing, especially the older you get. In fact, 40% of over 50s will have some degree of loss.

Hearing loss is quite common and having a hearing test is an easy first step you can take towards better hearing. The effects untreated hearing loss can have on your life are profound.

So we’re campaigning for you to test your ears at 55 years. Just take a free test to check your hearing at 55, and then each year
after that. It’s that easy.

You’ll be able stay on top of your hearing health and be more engaged with the people and world around you.

Your hearing is vital

Your hearing health is closely connected to your brain’s health since it’s your brain that actually processes sound, not your ears.

Hearing loss means your brain has to work harder to fill in the gaps of all the sounds you’re missing. This extra strain can lead to mental fatigue, depression and even dementia, and highlights why identifying hearing loss early is so important.

Who can benefit?

Everyone. It’s so important to get a hearing test. If you’re aged 55 or over, you need to know how well you hear so you can stay on top of your hearing health. A hearing test is free and should be part of your annual health check.

As part of the Campaign for Better Hearing, for every 1,000 tests conducted Hidden Hearing donate a pair of top-of- the-range hearing aids to their Give Back Programme. You just need to nominate yourself or a loved one to take part.

Our ambassadors

I am no longer self- conscious

Ellen McKay

I love listening to music via my aids!

Colin Thackery

So happy talking on the phone now

Matthew Blackwell

birdsong makes me feel joyful!

Christine Wright

I’m safer cycling as I can hear the traffic!

Alex Slight

I wish I’d done it sooner!

Helen Mol

Campaign For Better Hearing


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