1 in 6 Brits experience hearing loss.


Why are we campaigning to give everyone over 55 a free hearing test?
Well, we believe good hearing is the cornerstone to maintaining a happy healthy life.

The longer hearing loss goes untreated, you’re more likely to suffer from depression, mental fatigue
and even dementia. That’s why it’s important to have a hearing test as early as possible.

Together we can make a difference. All you need to do to help is get your hearing tested, and
then encourage your friends and family to test theirs too. It’s as easy as that.


Dr Hilary Jones, TV doctor and broadcaster supports the
campaign and knows how important hearing is.

"Making sure you are able to take part fully in family situations can
literally be as simple as going to get your hearing tested – hearing is
intrinsically linked to so many areas of life, and our health.

Latest research shows that by ignoring a potential hearing problem,
we not only risk missing out on life’s important moments, we also
increase the risk of dementia, diabetes and depression.

It’s important to take early action and a regular hearing check is key to
ensure good hearing health."

Do you know the damage?

Plane Music Motorcycle Lawn Mower Bird

Jet engine take off,

Amplified concert,
Emergency siren

Motorcycle, Chain saw,
MP3 player (at full volume)

Lawn mower,
Loud toys

Potentially hazardous
hearing protection should
be worn when engaging
in activities

When you have untreated hearing
loss, your brain slows down, leading
to: Mental Fatigue, Dementia,
Depression, Isolation & Anxiety.


year delay

The average time between the
onset of hearing loss and seeking
professional diagnosis.

Hearing Aid

Hearing loss

Less stimulation
of the brain

Accelerated mental decline,
higher risk of dementia

Trouble with remembering
and problem solving

Hearing Aid

and problem solving

Communication Skills

Social active
stimulation of the brain

Keeps your brain fit



Mild hearing loss:
more likely to develop dementia


Moderate hearing loss:
more likely to develop dementia


Severe hearing loss:
more likely to develop dementia

Double Hearing Aids


Get better hearing now and experience how
hearing aid technology can improve your quality of life.

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