What to expect from a hearing test

Your FREE hearing test will be simple, quick and painless.
Plus, it takes less than 60 minutes! It includes:

  • 1. OTOSCOPY - An inspection of your ear canal will show if wax build up is causing trouble.

  • 2. BASELINE HEARING TEST - Find out which pitches and tones you hear and which you don’t.

  • 3. SPEECH UNDERSTANDING ASSESSMENT - Discover how well you hear and understand conversations.

  • 4. FAMILIAR VOICE TEST - Bring a loved one to your appointment so we can check your understanding of the voices most important to you.

All you need to do is to get your hearing tested. And then get your friends and family to test theirs too. So please, request a test today!

Psst pass it on!

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Target 50,000

A pair of hearing aids will be donated for every 1,000 tests taken as part of the give back programme!

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