Dr Hilary Jones MBE, GP and broadcaster proudly supports our campaign. He knows how important hearing is to your health and wellbeing.

“Making sure you are able to take part fully in family situations can literally be as simple as going to get your hearing tested – hearing is intrinsically linked to so many areas of life, and our health”, he says.

If you ignore a hearing problem, you risk missing out on life’s important moments. You are also putting yourself at higher risk of social withdrawal, isolation, depression and even dementia.

According to Dr Hilary, “It’s important to take early action and a regular hearing check is key to ensuring good hearing health.”

Dr Hilary’s top ten tips

Watch Dr Hilary as he shares with you ten good reasons why you should book a free hearing test.

A hearing test is quick, free and can have a lasting impact on your hearing and your quality of life.

Your hearing health

Looking after your hearing has more benefits than you might think. Having your hearing tested doesn’t mean you have a hearing loss. It simply means you are taking responsibility for your health and your quality of life into your own hands.

Dr Hilary explains how your hearing is linked to your health in this short video.

Who is Dr Hilary?

In a medical career that has spanned over 40 years, Dr Hilary has become one of the UK’s most trusted and well-known physicians. He qualified at the Royal Free Hospital in 1976 and became a Principal in General Practice and a GP Trainer in the early 1980s.

Dr Hilary’s been presenting educational medical TV programmes and campaigning for better health for the nation since 1986 and is currently Health Editor for ITV’s breakfast television show, Good Morning Britain.

He says: “It’s clear to me that Hidden Hearing has decades of experience delivering the highest levels of hearing care. I’m pleased to be working alongside them and supporting the National Campaign for Better Hearing!”

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