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Posted on October 22, 2018 by Campaign For Better Hearing

Back in the game as he receives the gift of hearing!

Max Bajeux age 26, from Hove has lived with a hearing loss since he was a child, quite how he coped and adapted his life is testament to his character and his resilience.

‘I used to find that after a day fighting to hear, I’d come home and switch off by listening to music at full blast (damaging my ears further) but now I don’t need that comfort blanket.I’m in control, have more energy and feel more confident. A bonus is that my tinnitus which I’ve had for years, worse at night sending me nuts when I wanted sleep, has been knocked back so I barely notice it and sleep comes easier! My girlfriend loves the fact that she doesn’t have to be in the same room to ask me a question or to fire off an instruction!!’

From early school memories teachers saw him as rude or impolite when he would ignore them unless they were directly in front of him.  He’d face the regular challenge on the sports field with shout-outs from behind or at angles often missed.  Despite this, he did play football at semi-professional level and many of his team mates, and friends were unaware that he had a hearing loss so good were his coping mechanisms.

His girlfriend, Alice, got fed up with constantly repeating things and being ignored if not speaking from the same room. She’d also recognised that he was exhausted at the end of the day and just want to be in his own world.

It was Alice who then took charge and encouraged him not to give up on his hearing.  She told him about new hearing technology that she’d read about and took him to get a hearing tests at the Hove Hidden Hearing Centre

The local Audiologist Phil Cornwell tested Max and demonstrated just what a difference the right hearing aids could make.  It was a revelation for him to hear again, but also the difference he sensed it made to his tinnitus too.

Max being a care worker could not afford the digital hearing aids prescribed.   Thanks to Hidden Hearing’s Giveback programme in support of the National Campaign for Better Hearing, Max was put forward for one of the monthly awards of a free pair of digital hearing aids.


Campaign for Better Hearing Giveback Award Nominations

All you need to do is email: and in the email, give your name, number, address and who you’d like to nominate with their name, telephone number and address.  Please write a summary of why you would like to nominate that person for a free hearing test and potentially a free pair of hearing devices.

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