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If you’re awarded free aids through the Give Back Programme, you can share your story and help others get the help they need to hear better. You can become an Ambassador.

Our ambassadors

I am no longer self- conscious

Ellen McKay

I love listening to music via my aids!

Colin Thackery

Being able to hear clearly is a massive thing to me

Matthew Blackwell

Hearing birdsong makes me joyful!

Christine Wright

I’m safer cycling as I can hear the traffic!

Alex Slight

I wish I’d done it sooner!

Helen Mol

Get Free Hearing Aids. Share Your Story. Change Lives.

If you’re awarded a free pair of hearing aids through our Give Back Programme, you’ll become an Ambassador for the Campaign for Better Hearing.

You’ll have the chance to inspire others by sharing your story and experiences, showing others what better hearing means to you, and what it can mean for them. You’ll be able to spread the message so that others won’t miss out on life’s best moments due to hearing loss.

See how your life can be changed.

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