Our Ethos

Inform people about the advantages
of hearing health care and the
consequences of untreated hearing loss.

Provide free hearing screenings to
everyone over the age of 55.

Make hearing aids accessible to people
who otherwise could not afford them,
through our Give-back Programme

Why test your ears at 55 years?

Many people have never had their hearing tested, or their last hearing test was
a long time ago. But hearing loss can happen gradually – especially as we get
older. The negative effects of untreated hearing loss can seriously affect
people’s lives.

So we are proudly campaigning a positive way to test your ears at 55! Get a free
test to see if you have a loss, and then get a check-up every year.

Stay on top of your hearing health, be more active and engaged with
the world around you.

Hearing Loss

Why is hearing so important?

Our hearing health is closely connected to our brain’s health. Research shows there
are clear links between hearing loss and depression, mental fatigue, reduced
cognitive capacity, and even dementia.

Early detection is important so effective treatments can be found that prevent issues
to other aspects of health and wellbeing. It's important to catch a hearing loss early
to stay on top of your hearing and health.

For people who can’t afford hearing aids, this campaign enables them to treat
their hearing loss.

Who can benefit

Everyone. It's important to get a hearing test. If you are aged 55 or over
you need to know how well you hear. A hearing test is free and should be
part of your annual health check.

Each month, Hidden Hearing's test centres nominate people who
could benefit from hearing aids.

All the nominations are then assessed by a selection panel to determine the
worthy recipients.

For every 1,000 tests conducted, as part of this campaign, a pair of top of
the range hearing aids will be awarded.

Test Your Ears at 55 Years

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Book your FREE
hearing test

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